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Purchasing Agreements

1. Home Edition DVD

Our Home Edition DVD is sold for private and personal home use only. It is not licensed for any type of institutional, educational, community, library, resale, rental, or public use whatsoever, and are not to be duplicated, transmitted in any form, or used in any other unauthorized manner. Purchase of our DVD constitutes an agreement to these terms.

2. Educational, Library, and Institutional License

Our Educational, Library, and Institutional Edition is leased for the life of the product for non-commercial educational in-house use in:

  • educational institutions
  • public libraries
  • community groups
  • media centers
  • museums
  • religious groups
  • and other similar organizations.

This is a limited license, which prohibits any duplication, broadcasts, electronic transmission, digitizing, admission charges, rental fees, and circulation to non-registered students and/or non-organizational personnel (except for public libraries where circulation is allowed for private individuals for personal home viewing only). Purchase of our Educational, Library, and Institutional title constitutes an agreement to these terms.

Streaming Rights

The purchase of an Institutional DVD with Lifetime Streaming License grants universities, colleges, academic libraries, and other institutions the right to digitize, host and locally stream the licensed content over a secure server, with password-protected connection to their users throughout a closed system. Access must be strictly limited to users affiliated with your school or organization.

For complete terms of use on the Streaming License, please click here.

If you have purchased an Educational DVD previously and would now like to add a Lifetime Streaming License, please click here.

High Schools, Continuing Education, and Small Public Libraries

If you are a high school, continuing education program, or public library with a small budget, please contact us for reduced pricing.

Why is your educational/institutional edition more expensive than your home use version?

Our Educational, Library and Institutional edition is used by organizations and sell in relatively small numbers. To recoup the significant production costs and to help support our future independent filmmaking, we must charge a higher price per title. Our price is similar to those of other comparable educational distributors. The higher price also includes educational rights, which are more extensive than those granted with home use sales and benefit a larger constituency.