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The story of Vincent Chin is a tragic one, yet it is also the "founding story" of Asian America, for the tragic death of a man named Vincent would unintentionally give birth to a new community.

From the groundswell of anger and protest that erupted in response to the case, formerly divided Asian ethnic groups began to forge a new common identity and community, that of "Asian Americans." As such, we believe this website would be incomplete without a section dedicated to celebrating that community -- its people, its organizations, its progress, and whatever else strikes our fancy to post here.

At the same time, we want to provide some useful resources to help Asian Americans get informed, get inspired, and get involved to make their own unique contribution to a community still-in-the-making—to the Asian American community that is ultimately Vincent Chin's greatest legacy.

120 Video Vignettes Celebrating Role Models in the Asian American Community

List of 50+ Asian American Blogs with Descriptions

Directory of 80 Colleges & Universities That Offer Asian American Studies Courses

Committee of 100 Leadership & Mentoring Program Panel Discussion: The C-100 Leadership & Mentorship Program is a new program designed to foster a new generation of APA leaders. The videos here feature a panel discussion about achieving success and confronting failure in life and career by mentors John Chiang (California State Controller), Julie Fong (Film Producer & General Manager of Partizan Entertainment), Charlie Woo (CEO of Megatoys), and moderator Stewart Kwoh (President & Executive Director of the Asian Pacific American Legal Center). Also joining in the discussion are mentors Teddy Zee (Film Producer), Brian Sun (Partner at Jones Day Law Firm), and Herman Li (Chairman of the C&L Restaurant Group).

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