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Lisa Ling Interview: Words of Tough Love for the Asian American Community

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In perhaps her most candid on-camera interview to-date on Asian American matters, world-renowned journalist Lisa Ling offers a revealing look into her growing up as an Asian American, the challenges she faced as an Asian American journalist, and why Vincent Chin's death still haunts her. She also does not mince words in assessing the Asian American community and what it must do to make real progress in America.

Tell us a little bit about your background.

Were you ashamed of being Asian American?

You've said before that television played a big part in raising you. Could you elaborate?

How did Connie Chung influence you?

As a foreign correspondent earlier in your career, you discovered that what made it into the news was not always an accurate portrayal of reality. Could you comment?

What can Asian Americans do to try to command more of the media spotlight on issues that are important to them?

How do you respond to some of the criticism that you received from the Asian community?

What would you say to Asians who don't take action for fear of criticism?

Do you think it's a cultural phenomenon that Asians are not more vocal and activist?

What is an example of how Asian Americans can play a unique and distinctive role in American society?

What responsibility do Asian Americans have to proactively shape perceptions, for example, in the way Asian men are portrayed in our society?

Do you recall the first time you heard about what happened to Vincent Chin?

How can something like the travesty of justice in the Chin case happen? What can Asian Americans do to help prevent something like that from happening again?

In your career, when you've pitched stories pertaining to Asian issues, how have your requests been received?

What can Asian Americans do to try to change the mindset of the broader society?

What are some good fields for Asian Americans to pursue to help change perceptions?

If another Vincent Chin-type case were to happen again and you were thrust into a position of leadership, what would you do?

What opportunities do new media present for Asian Americans?

Do you think young people today are aware of Vincent Chin's story?

Some feel that it would be better to forget tragic episodes like the Vincent Chin case. What are your thoughts?

Have you experienced prejudice in your own career?

How dangerous is anti-Asian sentiment in our country today?

What excites you about being Asian American?

On "THE VIEW" you had to make your voice heard among some very opinionated women. In some ways, that's a microcosm of America where Asian Americans have to make their voice heard among some very powerful competing voices. How do we do that?